We wish more children and teens to have an opportunity and comfortable conditions to join sports activities and fulfill their potential, fight and win.

Even a bit of your involvement may turn into a big good. Due to your support someone will feel that he/ she is not alone in this world, someone will cope with a difficult life situation, someone will be able to rise on the top of sport pedestal and for someone the sport will become the only way to live.

We will much appreciate you for any rendered aid. You can help to the Foundation activities by any convenient way:

Before transaction of donation, please read the text of the offer and acceptance. Donating to the Foundation, you give your consent with terms of the offer and acceptance. Making donation we kindly ask you to indicate in the purpose of payment: “for maintaining and managing Foundation statutory activities” (VAT is not charged). If you have some questions, please contact us via phone +7 (960) 886 34 85, and we will respond any questions.