Yelena Isinbaeva

Dear friends! The idea of establishing a charity fund came to my mind long time ago but due to my full training and competitive schedule It was difficult to fulfill it. Now I am very happy that I finally managed to establish the fund. « »

A lot of people have been helping me in my life. But for them all, I would have never become a successful sportswoman and a successful person! Today I have a desire and ability to help the children who have got involved in a hard life situation, to share and pass them on my sports and life experience . The main thing is to make them understand that thanks to their hard work, belief in themselves and our support they can change their life for the better and ensure worthless future to them.

I believe that every person who achieved certain success in life should share his joy with others and help those who he cares about. It was my stimulus, my goal. I'm happy that I managed to realize myself through sport and today I feel that I have to help those children who were left without parents care. At least I can help them with their self-expression. I think that it's a duty of every citizen of Russia.

Our support-their victories!!!

President of the Foundation Yelena Isinbaeva

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