This summer Yelena Isinbaeva Charity Foundation received a president grant to develop “We believe in you” project. The project aims at supporting teenagers with health disorders by inspiring them for new achievements, reaching their goals, developing self-belief and courage.

During 5 months they will work in groups, each consisting of 10 people, under a special method so that everyone can design their own project. With teacher’s support participants will define their life goals, make a plan and prepare certain stages, which need to be fulfilled within a 3-month period. Social teachers and psychologists, who have passed specialized training of total 50 hrs, will support the participants during the whole project.

On 28 November 2016 all remedial school and social-rehabilitation center pupils from the Volgograd region will gather together at the film premiere. In the very beginning of their way to success they will watch a film called “Power of the winners” featuring 3 champions, 3 winners. This will be a sort of instruction for them, a great example of champions’ path to the victory through personal fears and doubts. At a certain moment, each of them found an inner source of energy to move further, towards their goals despite all the circumstances and surrounding. The main heroes of the film are: Roman Petushkov, six-time biathlon and ski sport Paralympic champion, Olga Brusnikina, three-time synchronized swimming Olympic champion, as well as Sergey Shubenkov, world champion in 110 m barrier run.

“By this film we want to encourage everyone to believe in themselves, to reach their most important goals, despite the fears. The main power is inside all of us, and every person is a winner. We are very glad, that with the help of “We believe in you” project we can support teenagers and show them their dreams, inspire them to progress, so that they can understand, that there is nothing impossible on their way”, mentioned Yelena Isinbaeva, the President of the Charity Foundation, two-time Olympic champion and member of the International Olympic Committee.

“We believe in you” project is implemented within the frames of grants competition, run by the public organization “Union of Russian Women” in accordance with the Russian federation President order No. 68-RP of 5 April 2016.