Construction of universal sports ground for GTO (Ready for Labor and Defense)

Russian national sports complex ”Ready for Labor and Defense” (GTO) is a complete program of basic norms for physical education of the country’s population, aimed at development of mass sport and making the nation healthier.

GTO complex suggests training for passing and passing itself of certain norms divided into three difficulty levels relevant to golden, silver and bronze badges ”Ready for Labor and Defense” (GTO) by groups of people of different age (from 6 up to 70 and older).

There is no sports facility in Volgograd which may allowspending a full training period for passing the complex, that is why Executives of the Foundation decided on January 20th2016 within the frames of the project “Leader in Sport – Leader in Life” initiate a project “Construction of multifunctional sports ground for training and passing of GTO complex norms”. The project is to be implemented through September 2016.

Preparation activities are being currently performed for facility construction.

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