“We believe in you!”

“We believe in you” project opening and “Power of the winners” film premiere took place at the stage of Mucic and Drama Cossak Theatre on 28 November.

ZinaMerzhoeva, a Vice Governor of the Volgograd region, appeared on the opening ceremony with a welcoming speech: “We are very glad, that our society and public organizations pay attention to children with special needs. Yelena Isinbaeva Charity Foundation can serve as a bright example of a strong civic position of a famous person and brilliant athlete, who achieved great results and now wants to help children live out their dreams. By this project we want to show these children, that not only their parents and teachers need them, but also the whole big world. And that there are people, who can help them achieve their dreams, and that’s great!”

The project aims at supporting teenagers with health disorders by inspiring them for new achievements, reaching their goals, developing self-belief and courage.

The project united 100 children with health limitations – foster pupils of the remedial schools and social-rehabilitation centers.

“You can’t even imagine how strong you are. You can do anything. Everything is possible. Always. In any place and sphere. We are here just to support you and reveal your potential”, said Yelena Isinbaeva, the President of the Charity Foundation, two-time Olympic Champion.

The main participants of the project had an opportunity to watch the “Power of the winners” film featuring Roman Petushkov, six-time biathlon and ski sport Paralympic champion, Olga Brusnikina, three-time synchronized swimming Olympic champion, as well as Sergey Shubenkov, world champion in 110 m barrier run. This film shows the story about people, who managed to become champions, despite all the difficulties and circumstances. They could do it, and our project participants would definitely do. The main idea of the film is that there is nothing impossible for the winner, but to become a winner you need to believe the power inside of you.

During 5 months they will work in groups, each consisting of 10 people, under a special method so that everyone can design their own project. With teacher’s support participants will define their life goals, make a plan and prepare certain stages, which need to be fulfilled within a 3-month period. Social teachers and psychologists, who have passed specialized training of total 50 hrs, will support the participants during the whole project.

Final event, which is called “Achievements Festival”, is going to take place in May 2017 and will sum up the results of each participant project.

“We believe in you” project is implemented within the frames of grants competition, run by the public organization “Union of Russian Women” in accordance with the Russian federation President order No. 68-RP of 5 April 2016.

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