Construction of sports grounds in orphanages

Coca-Cola Russia and Yelena Isinbaeva Foundation will grant sports grounds to children from five orphanages of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novocherkassk, VerkhnyTagil and Volzhskiy. Sportsgroundswillbebuiltin 2016. Up to this moment Yelena Isinbaeva Foundation constructed the grounds only on the territory of Volgograd, native city of Yelena. Due to involvement of Coca-Cola the Foundation shifts on the federal level.

Yelena Isinbaeva: “I am very grateful to Coca-Cola for their will and readiness to participate in our good mission. The future of Russian children, especially of those who found themselves in difficult life circumstances, is a problem of each and every adult.If we are able to give to the growing generation enough of love and attention, we will set up a proper foundation for the future of our country. Coca-Cola has been successfully supporting charity projects all over the world for a long time and Russian event “Christmas caravan” is a materialization of the loveliest children fairytale, which comes to every home through efforts of company’s specialists”.

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