Construction of sports ground in “Nadezhda” center for children with disabilities (Volzhskiy)

State budget specialized social service organization "Regional rehabilitation center for children with disabilities “Nadezhda” was established on June 1 st 1993 to render highly professional aid within the frames of complex rehabilitation of disabled children and teens withnervous system disorders, human musculoskeletal system disorders,intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders and early children autism, genetic disorders including Down syndrome, somatic disorders.

“Nadezhda” center admits children from 0 up to 18 years old, living in Volgograd region. “Nadezhda”is located in three separate buildings of former nursery school equipped for children with disabilities residence. A disabled child may stay in the center on full-time or daily residence from 1 to 6 months. The center annually renders aid to approximately 1000 children with disabilities, 200 children daily pass rehabilitation course, 56 of them are on full time residence and 144 children stay in the center at daytime.

Due to barrier free environment and all necessary conditions created in “Nadezhda” center

, children with musculoskeletal system disorders may better develop their skills have more active lifestyle.

Executives of the Foundation decided to include this organization into “Every child is worth of pedestal”programand start raising money for construction of sports ground on the territory of “Nadezhda” center.

Dear donors, Yelena Isinbaeva Charity Foundation as well as "Regional rehabilitation center for children with disabilities “Nadezhda” administration, children and teens who are currently on rehabilitation will be grateful toYou for any rendered aid.

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