Construction of sports ground for children in Voroshilovskii social rehabilitation centre for under-18s.

The Voroshilovskii social rehabilitation centre for under-18s renders social services for children-orphans, children left without parental care, children in a difficult life situation and in a social risk. The institution can admit 55 people in terms of 24-hour stay and 15 people in terms of day-time stay.
A temporary accommodation for people aged from 3 to 18 years old till their future life settlement or resolution of the situation in their family of blood was established in this institution. The time of the stay lasts from a month till six months. Every year more than 300 families get help and support in the institution, and 500 of under-18s undergo social rehabilitation in terms of temporary accommodation. During 24 hours the centre can receive patients under 18 years old, who live on the territory of Volgograd and the Volgograd region, as well as those who arrived from other regions.

Generally, people who are under 18 years old and who have been admitted in this centre, don’t have the necessary conditions for a full development and education: the children’s specific problems are poor health, weigh deficit, social desadaptation, lack of educational motivation, etc.

Most of the patients are boys and girls aged 14-17 years old, so called troubled teenagers, who have a high-level of activity but who have a big negative life experience. One of the main stages of the social rehabilitation of patients for the purpose of producing positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle as a source of children’s and family health , as well as preventive measures of delinquency, is a staging of sports events. However, neither inside the building, nor on the outside territory there isn’t any specially equipped place for sports festivals. However, there is an available territory for construction of sports ground where the patients could play volleyball, tennis, etc.

The administration of the fund decided to include the institution in the “Every child is worth the pedestal “ programme and to start raising money from 5 September till 25 December 2015 for the construction of a sports ground for practicing sport.

Order of 04.09.2015 stated to open the project. The Project implementation period: December 2015- April 2016.

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