Project ‘Every child is worth the pedestal’ on construction of sports grounds

In 2015 the Charity foundation continues its work on the project ‘Every child is worth the pedestal’ which is aimed at the construction of multifunctional sports grounds in our city.

The grounds are to be made in one style. The first sports ground was opened in 2014.
A sports complex 800 m2 in area is planned to be constructed and it will include a multifunctional sports ground for playing football, basketball and street-ball and a climbing structure with equipment for gymnastics. The surface of the sports ground will be made of several layers of polyurethane with an antiskid coating.

The estimated cost of each sports ground is 4.4 million roubles. We plan to make the ground open for everyone who wants to lead healthy life style absolutely free of charge!

In 2015 the fund together with the Physical culture and sports committee of the administration of the Volgograd region is planning to construct 6 sports grounds in Volgograd as part of the Federal target programme (development of physical education and sport in Russian Federation for 2016-2015)

Private investments for realizing this project are welcomed

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