The event was organized by Yelena Isinbayeva Charity fund as part of the program “Our support – their victories” and under support of the Museum of Military Hostory “Naslediye” (Hertage).

On 15 and 16 September on the territory of the open stadium of the Volgograd State Academy of Sport All-Russian Athletics competitions “Isinbayeva Cup” took place in Volgograd. During the two-day competitions the participants competed for the 40 award units and set 14 records. Olympic champion took part in the official awarding ceremony: Yelena Slesarenko, Tatiana Lebedeva, Olga Akopian, Maksim Opalev as well as other honorable guests: Marina Kuptsova, vice-president of the All-Russia Athletic Federation and Deputy manager on sports training of the CSKA Club and Anna Vasilevskaya, the primary sponsor of the competitions and development director of the Naslediye Museum. Also, two-time Olympic Champion and President of the Charity Foundation Yelena Isinbayeva participated at the ceremony.

The photos of the event are available of the website and on the official VK page.

Всероссийские соревнования "Кубок Елены Исинбаевой", 2018 from Isinbaeva Fund on Vimeo.

The competitions turned out to be a very memorable and bright event for all of its participants, coaches, judges and organizers. We would like to thank all the teams from other regions for their worthy sporting results and participation in the Cup. The organizers of the event wish you success and new victories!

Many honorable guests took part in the opening ceremony: Head of Volgograd Andrei Kosolapov, Marina Kuptsova, Vice-president of the Athletics Federation and Deputy manager on sports training of the CSKA Club, Viacheslav Sergeev, vice president of the Volgograd State Academy of Sport; Aleksandr Glinianov, president of the Sport Committee of the Volgograd region, Anna Vasilevskaya, development director of the Naslediye Museum and Viacheslav Chikov, Head of the CSKA school in Volgograd.

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