Fifth annual Festival “Every child is worth standing on podium”

On 8th and 9th of April in a Sport and Recreation Center “Spartanets” in Volgograd a competition for children who are in a difficult life situation was held for the fifth time. 140 students from 12 regional social institutions (orphanages and orphan boarding schools) participated in the event.

During two days children of different age competed in relay races as well as in individual and team GTO (Ready for labour and defense) championships. Moreover, on the first day of the competitions every registered team had to prepare an artistic performance before the judges.

on the second day the youngest participants of the event took part in a special art contest. The best drawing of the last year had been printed on the sports uniform that the participants of the competitions were wearing during the festival. So as a result of this year contest a new print was chosen for the next year festival.

After the first day of competitions an entertaining escape game was awaiting for the young athletes. Following the results of the sports festival those who had top scores were awarded with certificates, medals and special prizes.

The event was staged thanks to the money raised during a “Goodwill Postcard” action in collaboration with “BlinBerry” and “SushiVesla” restaurant networks.

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