« Every child is worth standing on podium » Festival

Yelena Isinbaeva Charity foundation became the organiser of the sport festival for children with health limitations.

The competitions opened with a sign song – Olympics anthem. 140 children from 8 to 18 years of age and who suffer from hearing disorder took part in the competitions.

The programme of the event consisted of a relay race, a multidiscipline event, a quiz show and an opening performance from every team. Besides, the children participated in an intellectual quiz called « In the footsteps of Sochi Winter Olympics » and a colourful show by professor Nicola.

We express our gratitude to the Physical education and health department of the Volgograd Medical University and to all the volunteers of the Medical University and Lyceum №7 of Volgograd. We would also like to thank Youth Sports School for providing us with a location for staging the competitions.

Participants of the sports festival « Every child is worth standing on podium » came from boarding schools of the Volgograd region :

Leninsk special boarding school

Volzhsky special boarding school of type 1 and 2

Volgograd special boarding school №7
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