The Coca-Cola Company Russia and Yelena Isinbaeva Charity Foundation will construct new sports grounds for 3 Russian orphanages as a New Year gift. The next stage of the common program will be held in the frames of Coca-Cola annual voluntary project “Christmas caravan”, which have started in Borovsk (Kaluga region) on 10 December.

The “Christmas caravan” project has been uniting Coca-Cola volunteers, charity foundations and related non-profit organizations for 16 years already, supporting orphanage pupils, rehabilitation centers’ fosters and also disabled children. This year “Christmas caravan” is going to make more than 150 stops in 65 cities in Central Russia, Ural, South Russia, Siberia and Far East. The program will address needy families, large families and single-parent families.

Yelena Isinbaeva Foundation and Coca-Cola Company started their cooperation within the frames of “Christmas caravan” project in 2015. Seven different sports grounds have been constructed for the orphanages in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novocherkassk, VerkhnyTagil, Volzhsky and Pskov. Then, in October 2016, new sports grounds were opened in Koumylzhenskayastanitsa, Volgograd region, and Gorkovskytownship, Volgograd.

Workout training is one of the most effective types of physical activity, which is especially popular with young people. Workout gives you an opportunity to exercise outdoors, when you have spare time and it doesn’t require special equipment or physical skills – you can find everything you need for a strength training right on the sports ground. The only thing you need is your decision and will to become healthier.

As Yelena Isinbaeva said: “Owing to the Coca-Cola Company and “Christmas caravan” our project, which is aimed at sports ground construction for orphanage centers, managed to reach a federal level. I believe that together we can help children, who face difficult life circumstances, and make them feel needed. It is very important to give them everything they need for personal development, and providing sports training plays an important role in this process. Every person must have an easy access to a comfortable sports infrastructure and have an opportunity to choose a healthy way of life. Our main job is to doeverything we can to help these people”.

Partnership with Yelena Isinbaeva Charity Foundation is a major component of corporate social responsibility program of Coca-Cola Russia. The Coca-Cola Company annually implements a wide range of charity, ecological, social and educational initiatives, aimed at the development of conscious environment treatment, creation of favorable conditions for progress and social adjustment, as well as at physical culture and sport promotion. The main idea of Yelena Isinbaeva Charity Foundation correlates with Coca-Cola philosophy. It includes effective and targeted promotion of physical culture and sport in children and teenagers’ lifestyle, as well as their engagement to sport activities.