“Workout34” project is being developed in the frames of Yelena Isinbaeva Charity Foundation program “Leader in sport - leader in life”. By the end of September 2016 the Charity Fund is going to build 2 more sports grounds for power gymnastics and workout in the Volgograd region.

The locations have already been approved: Maxim Gorky township in Sovetsky district, as well as central park in Koumylzhenskayastanitsa, Volgograd region.

This project is being supported by the Coca-Cola Foundation and CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) within the frames of “Be Active!” charity program.

It is to be recalled that 3 sports grounds for working out have already been constructed by the Charity Fund last year: at the upper terrace of the embankment, near the VOLSU University and in Spartanovka district.

The sports grounds include a multifunctional complex of split-level and pull-up bars of different diameter joined together by special collars; it also includes a press bench. The ground’s area amounts to 160 m2. In order to provide a secure training the floor will be covered with waterproof sport cover made of several polyurethane layers with shadowing spray. It has excellent mechanical characteristics and is suitable for usage in all weather conditions.

Open trainings and different events, such as workshops, performances and state physical training exams will be held at the sports grounds on a regular basis after the opening.

Workout (street fitness) – is a kind of physical training, which includes exercising at the open street grounds using pull-up and parallel bars, wall bars, horizontal ladders and other constructions, or without them (working out on the ground). The primary focus is made on training with fare weight, as well as on strength and stamina development.