• New multifunctional sports ground in Stanitsa Alekseevskaya


New multifunctional sports ground in Stanitsa Alekseevskaya


Last Wednesday on 11 of October in Stanitsa Alekseevskaya an official opening of another sports ground took place as part of Yelena Isinbaeva Charity Foundation program. The Olympic champion, member of International Olympic Committee Yelena Isinbayeva and president of committee of physical cultutre and sport of the Volgograd region Aleksandr Glinianov celebrated the citizens of the Stanitsa with the opening of the sports ground.

- We launched this project in 2014. This initiative was supported at the national level and thanks to that we have managed to build 23 sports grounds in the Volgograd region. Now you have more possibilities to practice sport and to lead a healthy life style. I call on all of you to take care of everything that people do for you – noticed Yelena Isinbaeva.

The implementation of the project became possible thanks to its inclusion in the Federal grant programme “Development of physical culture and sport in Russian Federation during 2016-2020 years.” with support from regional and municipal budgets. In 2017 similar sites besides Stanitsa Alekseevskaya will be constructed at the following addresses:

33-35, Bulvar 30-letia Pobedi, Volgograd

182 ul. Turbinnaya, Volgograd

6,12,14,16 ul Triumfalnaya, Volgograd

15 ul. Piatimorskaya – 25 ul. 40 let VLKSM, Volgograd

Square on ul. Oktiabrskaya, Krasnoslobodsk,


267/1, ul. Oktiabrskaya, Kalach-na-Donu

2, ul Kalinina – 7 ul. Koshevogo, Volzhsky

Every sports ground consists of a ground with a special floor covering of 40x20 m in size. It is suitable for playing football, basketball or hand ball. There is also a play set for children and sport apparatus for basic sport exercises.

Photos by Aleksandr Kulikov.