• First parkour ground in Volgograd


First parkour ground in Volgograd


On 25 of July in “Semeiniy” square in Dzerzhinsky district was opened the first parkour ground, built by Yelena Isinbaeva Charity foundation with support from “McDonald’s” Company as part of “Leader in sport-Leader in life!” program.

According to Andrei Kosolapov “Today in our city, thanks to Yelena Isinbayeva fund, we are going to open a sports ground for parkour practices. I’d like to say special thanks to our famous countrywoman Yelena Isinbaeva, for her talent to fight for what she believes in and her willingness to help her native city.”

Words of gratitude were also said by President of the fund, two-times Olympic Champion, Member of IOC Yelena Isinbaeva: “Thanks to everyone who came here today to support us during this opening event and of course I’d like to thank Andrei Kosolapov for his loyal support to our projects, he is always ready to help us and to collaborate with us. Most importantly, it should be said that this sports ground is the first one dedicated to parkour practicing in our city but I hope that this will not be the last.”

After the official ceremony of cutting a red ribbon a parkour-battle between Tracers team (Moscow) and Andrenalin (Volgograd) took place. The battle was accompanied by music played by DJ DARBO. After the performance Yelena Isinbaeva thanked the participants: “ Guys you are so great, I am looking at you and hope that all young people of our country will resemble you. Thank you for showing that our city is full of sportive people. And I also thank you for your support to the today’s event and I hope that this sports ground will not be unoccupied. “

The total surface of the site is 300 m2 which includes several zones united in one:

Assault course: it consists of 8 objects different in height, width and general shape, which form a circle. This cycle allows to do interesting training using the endless overcoming of obstacles. In the centre of this course there is a frame with 4 long bars (1500mm) for combination of links between different parkour elements (vault from one apparatus to another, a combination with strength elements from gymnastics).

The sector of railings and apertures includes several metal constructions which imitate urban environment (railings, fencing) – these are standard elements of a parkour ground which allow to improve the technics of jumps and other exercises for precision.

The sector of low bars and artificial rock walls for climbing includes several low pull-up bars for jumping over and performing parkour tricks. Rock walls allow to train endurance of forearm muscles , hands and to improve climbing technics.